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General Information [New Server Phoenix]

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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General Information [New Server Phoenix]

Post by [Admin] Adam » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:40 pm


Hello everyone. We are happy to annouce our new server Phoenix. If you are missing good old days in Knight Online
this is the right place. Join the growing community and have some fun.
In the past months a lot of things has been changed and updated. Here you can check all the updates: CLICK HERE
We have prepared some cool things for our old & new players which you can read below.


### Beta Release ###
Date: 4.05.2019
Time: 4 PM GMT+2
17:00 TR - 09:00 PERU - 16:00 PL

### Official Release ###
Date: 10.05.2019
Time: 6 PM GMT+2
19:00 TR - 11:00 PERU - 18:00 PL

Server Informations:
Version: 1299
Level Cap: 72
Server Type: Light Farm Myko Style
Starting Level: 1
Master Quest: Required Guide CLICK HERE
Level 70 Skill: Required Guide CLICK HERE

Offical Launch Basic Informations:
1. All the donators of year 2018 will receive 15 days DELUX Premium. Doesnt matter how much and on which server you donated.
2. We will be doing offical server stream every weekend with give-away worth of 5-10k Knight Cash. Click
3. There wont be "Stages" this time. Server will start with max level 72 & Max upgrade +8/1.
4. Master Quest will be off for first week.
5. A lot of things has been changed & added in last months. Check full list here: Click
6. Iron Necklace, Iron Belt, Glass Belt, Chitin Shield is removed from drop for some time in beginning.
7. Events enabled: Border Defense War, Death Match (Chaos), Collecting Race, Classic War. Rest of events will be added slowly with server progression.
8. Video Contest will be avaliable again without a limit. Make a pk movie of our server and we will reward you 500-5000 Knight Cash depends on how good is your movie. Click
9. Isiloon & Mini Isiloon will be removed at the beginning.
10. Top 50 Monthly & Most active users from April will be rewarded with 15 days DELUX premium.

Helpful Links:
- Whats New
- All Server Changes/Updates
- Guides & Rules
Power Up Store
Drop List
Item Quest
Upgrade Rates
Gem, Frag, Chest Exchange Probabilitiest

Check out our forum for more informations. Annoucement & Guide sections there you can find everything with specific explainations.
See you & Lets get some fun
Project-KO Team


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