What's New on Optimus server

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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What's New on Optimus server

Post by [Admin] Adam » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:16 am

1. Exping is a bit harder from start boosted by 20-50% depends on lvl. EXP Flash has been removed for beginning.
2. Money farming in EMC & LUFERSON Castle has been changed to minimalize koxpers farming.
3. Donation Necklace stats has been boosted.
4. Flame Rocks has been removed from main zone and spawn now in bowl to make Abyss Fire unique.
5. Ultima spot is now at Ego to get nice PK at Bi-frost zone.
6. Selfname Packing require Token now.You can buy it in PUS for 500kc.
7. Delos issue has been fixed.Now after relog your character spawn in moradon.
8. Seal System has been implemented. Premium users can now Seal & Unseal their items via panel.
9. Ring of Fire, Ice, Poison, Light has been boosted.
- by 150 HP & 150 MP Bonus at +0
- by 250 HP & 250 MP Bonus at +1
10. Beginner Clan join function has been implemeneted. You can join beginner clan via panel.
11. All 3 slots are now unlocked free on every new account.
12. New event has been added (Race Zone) CLICK HERE for more informations.
13. Gem, Fragment, Chest Exchange System has been fully remade.
- Empty drop has been removed
- All shitty items has been deleted from drop (Bus, Bes, Middle Class weapons etc)
- All High Class Weapons & Armors drop at +3
- Rates of uniques drop has been decreased, You can check Exchange Probabilities CLICK HERE
14. Few things in Drop List has been changed.
15. Some of event rewards has been changed.
16. Event schedules has been changed.There will be CSW 2 times a week and some more. CLICK HERE
17. Donation Necklace is now upgradable to +1 with 30% rate. You can check stats CLICK HERE
18. All updates & bugs fixed CLICK HERE
19. [Beginner] 2nd Necklace high chance drop now from Snowman in front of Moradon

All Server Update Informations on Cyber server CLICK HERE
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