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_SainTz International Clan (English speaking)

Karus players look no further.

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_SainTz International Clan (English speaking)

Post by PriestessIne » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:42 pm


How have you been doing? Hope great!
It's been a while since we have played Knight OnLine, but I guess sympathy and nostalgy took over and we have started playing again!

We are looking for anybody, who wants to have fun playing the game as much as we do!

See you in game :)

For Add PM me here/or in game also as: ShendoGG

Have a great time, adventurers

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Re: _SainTz International Clan (English speaking)

Post by funnyjokes » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:12 am

The information you share is very useful. It is closely related to my work and has helped me grow. Thank you!

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_SainTz International Clan English speaking

Post by ValSooloRAM » Wed Dec 11, 2019 3:01 pm

Jo-Jo, pretty good.

uo-xo-xo, Thank you very much, ill try to remember this lesson. Its very important.

And thanks for the links, very helpful and interesting. Especially pronunciation.

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