General Information [New Server Cyber]

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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General Information [New Server Cyber]

Post by ADMIN » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:40 pm


Hello everyone!
We've decide to open new server however its not fully our decision but we're doing it cause we've get a lot of messages on fanpage about it and our actuall players request for that in-game to bring more users and get more fun. So here we go.
In the past months a lot of things has been changed and updated. Here you can check all the updates: CLICK HERE

### Official Release ###
Date: 01.06.2018
Time: 7 PM GMT+2
20:00 TR - 12:00 PERU - 19:00 PL
Version: 1299
Type: Light Farm/PVP
Starting Level: 1
Starting Gear: Good medium equipment
Power Up Store: Avaiable from the beginning

[General Informations] & [Server Progression]

[Stage I] 3 Days

Max Level: 60
Max Upgrade: +6
Master: Disabled
EXP Event: 0-50%
Events avaliable:
- Chaos (Death Match)
- Last Man Standing
- Collecting Race
- Border Defense War
- NP Event
- Kill the GM Event
- War
- Merchant Event

[Stage II] 4 Days

Max Level: 66
Max Upgrade: +7
Master: Disabled
EXP Event: 50-100%

[Stage III] Last One

Max Level: 72
Max Upgrade: +7
Master: Open
EXP Event: 100-300%

Other things:
- Juraid Mountain, Bi-Frost Forgotten Temple & Boss Land will be added with progression of the server
- Max Upgrade +8: To be annouced later
- Castle Siege Warfare: To be annocued later
- Dark Land: To be annouced later

Helpful Links:
- All Server Changes/Updates
- Guides & Rules
Power Up Store
Drop List
Item Quest
Upgrade Rates
EXP Quest

Galaxy Server is still online and runing you can join and try things up!

For more informations check our forum. Annoucement & Guide sections there you can find everything with specific explainations.
See you & Get some fun
Project-KO Team
Shieeeet :D


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