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ADONIS Server informations

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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ADONIS Server informations

Post by [Admin] Mariusz » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:03 am

ADONIS Server informations:
Level cap: 65
Max item upgrade: +8 & +1
Master: Disabled - quest required
Skill 70 - quest required
Iron Necklace, Iron Belt, Glass Belt, Chitin Shield are removed from boss drop
Shell armors are removed from monster drop - can be obtained only via Gems, Fragments, Chest exchange
Active events:
- Death match
- Border defense war
- Collecting race

BETA informations:
All settings will be same as offical with few exceptions:
- EXP rates will be highly boosted
- Power Up Store will be free for all
- Quest Manager kill counts highly reduced
- Drop rates highly boosted
Rewards for top users ranking each nation:
TOP 1 - 5000 Knight Cash
TOP 2 - 4000 Knight Cash
TOP 3 - 3000 Knight Cash
TOP 4 - 2000 Knight Cash
TOP 5 - 1000 Knight Cash

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