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[07.07.2020] All Server Update Informations #33-38 (ODIN)

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[07.07.2020] All Server Update Informations #33-38 (ODIN)

Post by [Admin] Adam » Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:41 pm

All Server Update Informations #33-38 (ODIN)
1. Upgrade issue with Blessed enchant scrolls (Str,Dex,HP,Int,Mp) has been fixed
2. Ash Knights drop now 1st & 2nd armors +5 for Priest/Mages instead of full plates
3. Dragon tooth skeleton drop now plate armors +5 for Priest/Mages instead of full plates
4. Silver Coin has been replaced with Bronze Coin at wolf family and drop rate has been reduced
5. Rabbits have now chance to drop Silver Bar with low rate
6. Slow duration time for aoe ice skills has been reduced
7. Merchant event has been removed from schedule. It will be active in random hours/days few times a week.
8. To join Last Man Standing zone you will have to pay 500.000 Noah
9. Leg Cut cooldown has been reduced
10. Bronze, Silver Goblets are now upgradable with 100% rate
11. Monthly rank has been replaced with Weekly rank. Weekly NP will be restarted every Saturday
12. Three new automatic quests has been added
- Kill 100x [rabbit] | Reward: Blue Gem
- Kill 600x [Ancient] | Reward: Armor Enchant Scroll Package [30 Scrolls]
- Kill 600x [treant] | Reward: Weapon Enchant Scroll Package [30 Scrolls]
13. Damage difference between 60 & 70 Ice/Light AOE skills has been corrected
14. Death limit at Last Man Standing has been fixed
15. Gems drop rate from Juraid monsters has been decreased
16. Items gift after premium activation has been changed to the following:
- WAR Premium (1750 HP Scroll Pack, 325 AC Scroll Pack, Attack Power Scroll Pack)
- DC Premium (Auto Loot Scroll Pack)
- DELUX Premium (DC Premium + WAR Premium gift items together)
17. Duration time of HP Buff 2000 has been fixed
18. Acid Potion has been added to Sundries - You can buy it for 3.000.000 coins
19. Green Treasure Chest has been added to BDW winners rewards
20. New mobs has been added
- "GemFragChest" spots will be placed at "6" bowl
- It will drop Black, Green, Blue Gem | Red & Green Treasure Chest | Fragment of Arrogance, Gluttony, Rage with
- Low drop rates
- Four types of monsters
- Higher monster level = Higher drop rates
- Re-spawn time 5minutes
21. GemFragChest mobs changes
- Drop rates has been reduced
- Spots has been changed
- Re-spawn time has been increased
22. Beginner Upgrade Scroll has been added
- You can upgrade all items with same rates as BUS
- Cannot be traded
- Cannot be used with Trina Piece
- You can farm it at wolf family at Luferson & El Morad Castle
- Worth 0 coins when sold to NPC's
23. Donation Necklace upgrade chance to +1 has been increased to 50%
24. Collecting Race kill amounts has been reduced
25. Scroll of freedom has been added:
- You can upgrade all items to +6 with 100% chance
- You can upgrade all items to +7 with 50% chance
- Upgrade to +8 is disabled with this scroll
- Scroll of freedom drop from Trinex with low rate
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