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Daily Quests

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Daily Quests

Post by ReScUe911 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:51 am

Sup, i have another idea to help server grow.
First of all i will add daily quest in CZ
1.Kill 3 new mobs first will get spawn at 6 , second middle of bowl , third at 12 (hp of them like bossland guard)
and what u gonna get for completing that quest? 1x Personal Weapon bomb

2. Kill 450 humas/karus and reward blue chest?

Okey that was CZ but let the people do something in Eslant aslo cuz people havin chars here for bosses so lets make daily also here
Kill 100 paramun + brahman get random shell +5
Kill 100 Trolls + TW get random high class weapon +5?
that should be good i guess :)
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