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change fresh

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change fresh

Post by Truck » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:07 am

if you want server to get better it may have to be from being OLD school to something Fresh, being old school doesn't mean is got to be everything originally.
sometimes people being a KO player already count as old school,
(My Suggestions)

1, instead of making national points for no use but to sit there in a character why not use the goods of it from doing the hard work making such an national points in to a use of something?
Trina piece?
special quest unique'?
personal weapon?

(we all want to see more action for the server)

2, instead of making all this tiny little scrolls only available to get in PUS, why not just make it official inside the game with the rest of the scrolls, meaning by STR,DEX,HP,MP scrolls apart from (Lion scroll)

3, could we please get more clan Capes to choose from rather then just 2 page of it, also maybe long ones.

4, not enough BDW / JM for Time zone difference, also it is not right with the capability to join in, if you have 6 humans and 8 ORCs the 8 ORCs should be able to join rather then all being cancelled.
some people make an effort to log in your game just to join the event and then knowing if human or orc either side has just a little less of a full party team of (8) then they have no chance to take in action with it.
(Not right)

5, make a new incoming server member allowance to have 10-15days premium to begin with, (we all do respect)
but giving a starting point with 10-15days of premium won't hurt, this would actually help to make the server with more action and people would be more interested with your server.
you may here the word (Premium) means money but actually you will only gaining the opportunity to have more player's in action with starters.
rather then thinking your offering too much, but your actually making player's feel more comfortable joining the family.

also please don't be so cheap lol give new players a pack of 500 MP/HP to start with (untradeable)

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Re: change fresh

Post by shazzz » Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:18 am

also please don't be so cheap lol give new players a pack of 500 MP/HP to start with (untradeable)

for that pot's u will be paying 640.000 coins so are u moron ? XD

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