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[01.10.2019] All Server Update Informations #29-32 (Phoenix)

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[01.10.2019] All Server Update Informations #29-32 (Phoenix)

Post by [Admin] Mariusz » Thu May 16, 2019 11:26 am

All Server Update Informations #29-32 (PHOENIX)

1. Login Issue has been fixed
2. Sweeping Potion unlimited issue has been fixed
3. Blasting Skill 15HP Bonus has been fixed
4. Re-stat coins bug has been fixed
5. Mage Aoe Skills range has been reduced to classic myko settings
6. Auto Loot range has been decreased
7. KnightOnline.exe is now virus free
8. Last Man Standing event fully remade
9. Attila, Master Quest, Kekurikekukaka re-spawn time has been changed to random
10. Live-Stream Spin Ticket has been added. You will be able to buy it on PUS few hours before every stream
11. Skill Powder has been added to PUS at high price (1000KC). It will be reduced to normal price after a week
12. Hera, Mennisah, Cougar transformation scrolls added to Vote Rewards
13. Gigantic Axe +6 1h & 2h Elemental Visual look has been fixed
14. Assassin purple skills has been updated. They're now fail safe. No more 100dmg Spike etc.
15. Premium Potion cooldown has been corrected
16. Ressits 5 Light, 5 Glacier has been added to all armors to decrease slow/stun rates
17. Guard Tower damage has been increased by 30%
18. Mage 72 Staff skill range has been fixed
19. Feather of Harpy Queen drop rate is now 100%
20. Master Essence & Skill Powder from Master Quest boss drop rate has been increased
21. Juraid Mountain is now active. Requirement 3000 NP & 70-72 LVL.
22. Kekuri Ring drop rate has been boosted
23. Helis skill damage has been corrected
24. Group Massive Healing skill on karus side has been fixed
25. Mastered Characters showing in clan list visual bug has been fixed
26. Turret issue at Bi-frost human town has been fixed
27. Leg Cut skill has been fully remade
28. Armor Defense has been added to Riot & Atross drop with low chance
29. Ring of Fire, Ice, Light, Poison drop now also from F9devil,0000000,Dante
30. Drop rate from Deruvish Founder on all rings has been slighty increased
31. King System has been updated
32. Light Staff skill for Karus has been fixed
33. Name Change Scroll is now tradable[/b]


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