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What's New on PHOENIX server!

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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What's New on PHOENIX server!

Post by [Admin] Adam » Sun Apr 21, 2019 3:43 pm

List of new things has been made, changed for new server PHOENIX hope you will like it:

1. Exping time to max level has been increased at beginning. It will get easier with server progression. We will add 10% EXP Bonus each day for first 30 days.
2. Trina gift has been added to all Premiums. If you use any Premium you'll receive Trina Piece.
3. Blood of Busior has been removed and replaced with automatic quest. Every 2 mobs you'll receive one BUS automaticlly.
4. Reskill & Restat has been set to 7.5 mln at all levels.
5. Isiloon spawn has been removed from Colony Zone. Now everyone will have chance to group up on it.
There will be 1x Isiloon per day which will spawn in bowl center at 20:15 Server time everyday with notices.
6. Fragment & Gem on bowl has been replaced with new mob named "Trinex". To reduce the amount of uniques on the server.
Automated repeatable quest: Kill 20 Trinex Reward: Trina Piece
7. BDW Belt & Necklace has been added you can check full guide and stats on our forum Click
8. Automatic quests has been added to make game easier for solo players. Check out full list on our forum Click
9. Goblet of PK quest has been deleted. You will be able to obtain Goblets in different way and its gonna be really rare item.
10. You can exchange Blood of Enemy to Soul of Enemy and then throw it to Chaotic Generator for Juraid, ForgottenTemple, Bi-frost weapons.
Also you will be able to get Bronze Goblet and upgrade it to Silver then Gold with 30% chance. You can read guide on our forum Click
11. Flame & Imir Ring, Shio Tears has been boosted to classic stats and will be able to use only by Mage class.
12. Ring of Fire, Ice, Light, Poison has been boosted.
13. Drop rates for Lamia & Lamiros in El Morad & Luferson castle has been reduced.
14. Money reward has been removed from Merchant event. Merchant Token amount has been also reduced.
15. Gold Bar gamble has been replaced with Triple Bar Gamble. Triple Bar - 3 Gold Bars in one item.
16. Eslant has been fully remade. Its now more friendly for solo players. Bosses cannot be detected or camped anymore.

New Phoenix Server Information: General Information - Click

Beta starts: 04.05.2019 Official Starts: 10.05.2019 - 18:00 GMT+2
Times of server start: 6PM GMT+2 - 19:00 TR - 11:00 PERU - 18:00 PL


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