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Suggestions Cyber

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Suggestions Cyber

Post by Devo » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:20 pm

1. Change length of the war. An feels to long. after the invading nation has killed npcs its wasting time. Something like 45 mins.
Another reason is the next event that follows war "LMS". Allot of people failed to join it. with the painfully low kills of 12-4 or something like that, its clear.

2. We really need an active gm at night. The moment you guys log off, k0xpers pop up evrywhere. The majority farms bus or other stuff.
A few of them pk, some night worse than others.

3. It sucks to remake the ally after each restart, i know this is already on the schedule to fix, just feel i need to put it here.

4. Leave +8 out for a long time, to prevent people burning their gear when a new 72 server opens.
They might be much worse and have bad gm's but people still go to those servers.
Come have fun with us on the Human side!

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Re: Suggestions Cyber

Post by Knoxville » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:49 am

I would also suggest to modify the anvil rates a bit :

+3-+4 - 100%
+4-+5 - 50%
+6-+7 - 20%

Let +7 for now, as Devo aforementioned

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