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[11.05.2018] All Server Update Informations #7-12 (Galaxy)

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[11.05.2018] All Server Update Informations #7-12 (Galaxy)

Post by [Admin] Adam » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:46 pm

All Server Update Informations #7-12 (Galaxy)

1. Anty-Glitch system has been added
2. Character visual range bug minimalized
3. Payment system has been added now you can donate through website via Control Panel. Paypal, Paygol Western Union & Bank Transfer methods
4. Hera & Goku Transformation scrolls has been implemented
5. Nation Change, Class Change & Gender Change functions has implemented & fixed
6. Party HP Bar (mage nova) & Visible range party member fixed
7. Cure Curse, Lupine Eyes, Stealth, Bless of God casting failed skills fixed
8. All bosses are now unable to lure out of bowl.
9. Aggro on HOBGOBLINS, GOLDCOIN & Mini Dark Mare has been fixed
10. [Guard of Bowl] spots has been added to Colony Zone Bowl drop Exceptional Weapons
11. Rabbits has been added. You can find them in Colony Zone
12. Mini Isiloon has been added to Abyss. Its half easier than normal Isiloon and have half lower drop rates
13. Isiloon has been added to Hell Abyss. CSW winners will get 3x Key of Hell
14. Master Quest New Essence System has been implemented
15. [Master Quest] Boss has been added in front of El Morad & Luferson Castle and drops Essence
16. Wratch added to bowl with [GEM] drop
17. New Death Match (Chaos) System has been added. Same skills and same health for everyone
18. Last Man Standing has been added
19. Bi-Frost Event has been added
20. Collecting Race Events has been added
21. Castle Siege Warfare has been added
22. Forgotten Temple fixed & balanced
23. Juraid Mountain fixed
24. Merchant Event has been added
25. Interface Updated
26. Target HP Bar updated
27. Manes Skill added for mages at 56lvl
28. Mages 72 Skill damage increased
29. Sacrifice skill has been disabled
30. Shio, Imir, Flame ring elemental dmg decreased
31. Foverin add now poison dmg
32. Silver & Gold goblet weapon defense decreased
33. Elemental Damage Rings has been added to game & drop from Deruvish Founder
34. Dark Vane attack damage visual fixed
35. Graham added to Dark Mare & Mini Dark Mare
36. Priest Shell visual stats fixed
37. Plate Shield bonus upgrade fixed
38. Scorpion Shield added to Shaula drop
39. Sherion Str bonus fixed
40. Rogue Shells Defense visual bug fixed
41. Juraid Earring defense bonus fixed
42. Diamond Bar & Gold Bar has been added to Sundries
43. BUS/BES drop from Fragments & Gems decreased now it drops a lot of more HighClasses
44. Treants has been added to El Morad, Luferson Castle & Colony Zone
45. Armor & Weapon Enchant Scrolls added to Treant & Ancients drop
46. Flame rock re-spawn time fixed
47. Volcanic Rock nova damage increased
48. Felankor Health Increased
49. Black Widow, Shadow, Wraith has been added to Colony Zone.
50. Warder & Keeper visual look changed
51. Weapon Shop NPC added to Moradon
52. Moradon Visual map updated
53. Personal Quest Boss ressits has been increased
54. Sundries & Potion Store added to Juraid last rooms
55. Potion/Inn Visual in Juraid Mountain town fixed
56. CSW Holder issue has been fixed
57. Chaos Stone re-spawn time reduced
58. Power Up Store updated
59. Event Schedules Updated
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