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[02.03.2018] All Server Update Informations #1-6 (Arcade)

Things you need to know about the server, in here.
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[02.03.2018] All Server Update Informations #1-6 (Arcade)

Post by [Admin] Adam » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:21 am

All Server Update Informations #1-6 (Arcade)

1. EXP for levels 1-72 Reduced - exp is much faster!
2. Starter gear - much better!
3. BUS/BES prizes increased - easy money!
4. Every drop rates in Colony Zone & emc/luf are much boosted
5. Bosses in Colony Zone & Eslant are resping every 2-4 hours
6. All big bosses added to Eslant resp time is 7-9 hours (same in Colony Zone)
7. Chaos Stone respawn time is Reduced
8. Juraid Mountain Event & Juraid Items has been added to game (Gems exchange in Chaotic Generator)
9. Forgotten Temple has been added with Special chest reward
10. Isiloon & Servants of Isiloon has been added to 2nd floor at Abyss
11. Middle classes weapons & Full Plates drop now +5!
12. Archer Skills Damage is increased [Arrow Shower, Multiple Shot, Shadow Hunter, Dark Pursuer]
13. Power Up Store updated [New Premiums and more items! Prices for items are lowered]
14. Drop rate for Blue Chest/Personal Weapon is now 100%!
15. Empty Fragment & Blue Chest drop exchange fixed
16. Mini DARK MARE has been added to Colony Zone behind ob & hb town
17. Ancient & Treants has been added to El Morad & Luferson Castle
18. Gluttons has been added to bowl and drop all Fragments & Gems!
19. [OLD] Uniques are now upgradable with 30% succes rate! You can compound normal from 3 OLD's
20. Burning skeletons replaced with HOBGOBLINS in Colony Zone - drop Gold Coin!
21. Orc Bandit Officer drop now Shells & High class Weapons
22. Original Knight Online intro/battle music restored
23. Flame, Glacier, Lightning Ressitence Potion fixed
24. EXP Flash added to Lamia, Deru, Lamiros, Troll Warrior, Raven Harpy, Giant Golem
25. EXP Flash drop rate increased at Apostle, Harpy, Troll, Stone Golem
26. EXP Quest deleted!
27. Troll damage reduced
28. Online reward time reduced
29. Goblins Family drop 10k Coins now
30. Lycaon, Lobo, Lupus hammer fixed
31. Training Dummy EXP deleted
32. Gold Zone remade for Boss Land
33. Grade1 Priest & Mage Armors +5 drop now from Deruvish
34. Upgradable Accessory +9 DEX, STR, HP, INT, MP drop now from HOBGOBLINS - you can upgrade them to +14/2
35. Beginner Accessory drop now from HOBGOBLINS
36. OLD Rings are boosted
37. Bosses resistance reduced
38. Imir, Shio, Flame rings FIX
39. Juriad, Juraid staffs FIX
40. 72 lvl mage skill boosted
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